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  • Chop ‘Em Down

    Three days of quick and heavy selling strike deep into the market’s heart. Vultures circle a bloodied and stumbling bull.  But is it dead? Our bias shifts down to Bear mode. It’s a reflex that comes as naturally as ducking for a brick tossed at your head. No strategic reason to be long with our […]

  • Halved

    Growth stocks are regrouping with the number of stocks qualifying for our screen roughly halved in this broader market pullback. This is when the deck gets reshuffled. It’s a litmus test. The stronger of our top stocks will resume trends while the weak stagnate or drop off. Likely upside candidates will be found below as […]

Chart Watch

  • Homebuilders are back. This blogger’s anticipation of an industry wide breakout soured after a couple of less than rosy outlooks from key companies sent investors into defensive mode. That big, fat red volume bar tells us more than a few paws got burnt trying to play it. But the setup is back and poised better […]

  • The Russell 2000 is all alone under its high mark as the Dow, Naz and S&P 500 hit fresh breakouts. Our attention is focused on this small cap index because 1. That’s where we often find the best growth stocks and 2. This is a former leader in the recent bull market, so could be […]