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  • Heads Up

    The Bull appears to be back with the S&P 500 making its second consecutive weekly close above its 50-day moving average. But the Sell Bias remains here. Don’t let appearances fool you. Leadership is coming from safe, boring names in consumer staples and utilities as fund managers take risk off. Weak volume over the past […]

  • It’s The 80′s Again

    The Bear’s got a heavy claw in the action with S&P 500 price action back under 1,900. Sell Bias holds – as it has for months. We’re trend down, below the major moving averages, with hardly any leadership to look to. A collapse in the FANG group (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google), say large market […]

Chart Watch

  • An elevated Oil Volatility Index isn’t good enough reason alone to short crude. However, it’s tough to be a true bull as this measure of fear in that market warns.

  • All bets off for the Bull rebalancing until we see a turn around in the high yield corporate bond ETF (HYG.) Weekly chart shows price action well below the 40-period exponential MA.  No Bueno.