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  • CRB, The Breakout

    A base breakout with the CRB a show of optimism for economic cycle – as long as it sticks. This index of commodities says buyers are paying more, which either means there’s increased demand or a smaller supply. Higher prices often comes with increased business activity at this stage of the economic cycle -  especially […]

  • Spark It Up

    New highs for the S&P 500, Naz and Russell 2K keep the fire alive on the heels of the Fed’s meeting. The story here is the Russell, which just a couple of weeks ago was struggling below highs while the rest of the market partied. This a pure sign of new strength to be taken […]

Chart Watch

  • The Russell 2000 is all alone under its high mark as the Dow, Naz and S&P 500 hit fresh breakouts. Our attention is focused on this small cap index because 1. That’s where we often find the best growth stocks and 2. This is a former leader in the recent bull market, so could be […]

  • S&P 100 options traders are complacent, according to the VIX chart above. This Point & Figure interpretation of the indicator, with all the X’s and O’s, cancels out the noise of traditional charts by only marking significant moves. Clearly a breakdown to record lows makes a counter move up inevitable, which means selling is on […]